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Technology – Freedom Enablers [High Tech]

A Few of My Favorite Things

HIGH TECH – These are the electronic items that I use everyday to maximize my independence and/or complete tasks more quickly. While different people with or without a disability have different needs, this gives a perspective and ideas on simplifying your list of what you really need most. If you need help to purchase items, which will help you be more independent, check out my Helpful Sites page for potential resources [will add to this list ongoing].

  1. Samsung Cell Phone – Nothing gives a person with a disability more independence then having their own cell phone. My device is my private space to have all the apps I need at my fingertips.
    • My Favorite Apps – One Note, Kindle Reader, You Version Bible, Good Reads, Lose It, Google Play, Sound Hound, InstaCart, Starbucks, Door Dash, Uber Eats, CreditKarma, Slack, T-Mobile Tuesdays
  2. Electric WheelChair [aka Power Chair] – When I first became disabled, I was reluctant to use an electric wheelchair because I thought people would perceive me as being more disabled; however, once I started leveraging one had more energy and gained more independence on a daily basis. Have never had an electric wheelchair that I’ve loved but, absolutely necessary. Will write an article on my love/hate relationship in the future.
  3. Laptop – One of the most important tech item any person with a disability needs is an accessible, organized, working computer. Why? Because its one tool that will enable an even-playing field versus people who are able-bodied in many situations – work, school, hobbies, interests, etc.
  4. Virtual Video Software – On your laptop, you need to have one or more installed virtual video software you can use to join events with other people, especially if transportation to an event is not an option. Several vvs choices are WebEx, Zoom, Slack, Teams or Skype. My recommendation is learn to use all of them if possible. (covid-19 has made this a tool everyone needs and I am hopeful soon that an international conference will be open to people wherever they are physically using virtual technology).
  5. Google Home – If you can speak, a Google Home or Alexa can enable you to do things hands-free. Besides finding out information ranging from the time of day to hearing the sound an elephant makes, you can play music from playlists, create shopping list, turn on and off lights, etc.
  6. Jabra Blue-Tooth Speaker Puck
  7. Flat wireless mouse
  8. Accessible Van
  9. Double Robot – This robot allows you to move around at another location by using your laptop to operate it.
  10. On My Wish List – Have a fully optimal Smart Home that maximizes my independence. Contact Me with your Smart Home solutions.

Would love to hear your High Tech solutions. Feel free to add a comment at my Twitter account @Wheelrider32