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Today’s Brand [Part 1]

Step 1 – Describe What you believe your Brand is today in one sentence.

My recommendation to compose your brand sentence structure following this pattern if you want one more detailed –

<Adjective><Adjective><noun that describes yourself today in one word>able to<do something [action verb]> and<something else [action verb]><noun>while being/enabling<noun><prepositional phase describing the noun>

Step 2 – Describe How others see your brand today in one sentence – to gather feedback the easiest way to do this is create a 4 question survey using survey monkey for free and send it to people you work, attend school, or interact with directly or indirectly [be sure that these are not only your best friends but, some critics too]

  • How would you describe me to others?
  • What strengths would you tap me for?
  • What do you think my personal values might be?
  • What do I seem most passionate about?
  • How would you describe my personal brand?

Step 3 – After gathering feedback, revise your personal brand in one sentence originally created in Step 1.

This is Your Personal Brand Today

Future Brand [Part 2]