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Technology – Freedom Enablers [Low Tech]

A Few of My Favorite Things

LOW TECH – These are the items in my life that are mostly simple solutions to allow me to have more independence on a daily basis. Although everyone has different needs to become more independent when they have a disability, learning about new solutions can help you think on solving yours too. When I find something inexpensive that enables me to do something solo, I may buy as many as I can find, especially if I believe they may not be available eventually.

  1. Universal Hand Splint with Palmer Clip – As a C4/5 Quadriplegic, my fingers do not function. In order to hold eating utensils, brush my teeth, write, paint, etc. I use the wrist support with the twisting Palmer Clip because it gives me the stability needed to do my Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) with better quality and more independently. There are many cheaper versions; however, the swivel Palmer clip is the most versatile.
  2. Built-in Straw Cup – For several years, have used a plastic cup with a straw built in. I like it because it easy to hook my thumb into and light enough for me to carry from place to place. Unfortunately, Arrow has discontinued making the larger size. They only have 14 ounce ones available and my personal stash is running low.
    • Hydration Packs – Although I personally have never used one, the hydration packs are a good solution for people with limited mobility. They can hang on the back of a wheelchair, be filled up to last several hours, and the straw can even be attached to chin/blow wheelchair controls using Plastic Cable Ties
  3. Portable Folding Straws
  4. Lever Door Knobs
  5. Velcro
  6. Duct Tape
  7. Cross-body Purse
  8. Comfortable Clothes that look professional or not depending on what the environment. Will be creating a post at later date focused on dressing for success; however, there are a few items that have worked great for me that want to share here
    • Nike Flyease Shoes with Zipper closures – These shoes are easy on/off, extremely comfortable, and come in extra wide women or men’s styles. These have become my go to sneakers since my feet sometimes swell.
    • JJill Ponte Pants – These pants look professional, come in many colors, have no zipper; however, do not look like sweats or old lady pants. These are great for me because my inseam and legs are longer than most people my height and they meet my needs since they have tall sizes that can be ordered online. I never pay full price since JJill runs sales often.

Would love to hear your Low Tech solutions. Feel free to add a comment at my Twitter account @Wheelrider32