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Why Staying Organized should be part of Your Life? Part 1

One of the best ways to become more productive quickly in your work or life is by getting organized. When things are easy to find you can save time on hunting things down to leverage the time for getting more important things done.

Here’s a couple of quick tips to consider on how to start becoming more organized.

  1. Start with organizing your computer – The easiest way I’ve found to do this is create a folder structure to keep all of your documents in order. Alphabetical ordering can limit your ability to best find what you use most. Use numbers and/or letters as a prefix to put things in your preferred order. Below is an example on how I keep my computer desktop in order.

2. Weekly Computer Organization Maintenance – At a minimum, at the beginning of the week, clear your computer desktop of files by deleting items no longer relevant, file items important to keep for later in your folder structure [create new folders if needed], and leave any files for immediate attention on your desktop with a note in a Priority To Do List. [example below]

3. Feel Disorganized [aka Scattered]? – STOP. Open your Priority To Do List and list all the things you know that need your attention and put them in the order of priority to the best of your ability.

Now you’re ready to start getting things completed on your list.

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