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Setting Goals (Part 2)

Let’s dive into how to create effective goals step by step – Step 1 – Identify a Balanced Set of Goal Categories Suggestion – Use the 8 different categories from the Wheel of Life [ i.e., Career, Family & Friends, Health, Money, Significant Other, Fun & Recreation, Personal Growth, Physical Environment] Step 2 – Set… Read More »Setting Goals (Part 2)

Setting Goals (Part 1)

Before beginning a journey to travel to some destination, you need to decide where you want to go, what you intend do, and what you want to experience. Living Life every day as a person with a disability is the same as any other person – requiring us every day to decide how we want… Read More »Setting Goals (Part 1)

Wheelchairs Don’t Fly

– especially when they are dropped to the tarmac from the belly of a plane. What was supposed to be just an ordinary business trip to attend the annual T-Mobile Sr. Manager summit — turned out to be anything but ordinary. As all the passengers were unboarding, I waited for my electric wheelchair to be… Read More »Wheelchairs Don’t Fly

Top Career Tips

PURPOSE – Why Do You Do What You Do? Set Goals.  Evaluate different parts of your life using the Wheel of Life Tool and set short, medium, long, and lifetime goals in all areas.  One goal should be to reach financial independence – even if it seems insurmountable on Day 1. Setting Goals [Part 1]… Read More »Top Career Tips

Events Impacting People with Disabilities

Disability Legislation Timeline

Why Staying Organized should be part of Your Life? Part 1

One of the best ways to become more productive quickly in your work or life is by getting organized. When things are easy to find you can save time on hunting things down to leverage the time for getting more important things done. Here’s a couple of quick tips to consider on how to start… Read More »Why Staying Organized should be part of Your Life? Part 1

Why Should You Care about Your Own Personal Brand?

Most of my career I did not think about the value of my own personal brand – even though everyone has one by default – or even consider how others perceived it to be. My belief was if I worked hard and helped others along the way, my goals would be achieved and personal career… Read More »Why Should You Care about Your Own Personal Brand?

Today’s Brand [Part 1]

Step 1 – Describe What you believe your Brand is today in one sentence. My recommendation to compose your brand sentence structure following this pattern if you want one more detailed – <Adjective><Adjective><noun that describes yourself today in one word>able to<do something [action verb]> and<something else [action verb]><noun>while being/enabling<noun><prepositional phase describing the noun> Step 2… Read More »Today’s Brand [Part 1]

Future Brand [Part 2]

Step 4 – Reflect and Consider for at least one week What descriptions in my current brand are ones I want to keep? What good things aren’t coming through in my current brand that I would like to see? What descriptions in my current brand am I ready to let go of? Step 5 –… Read More »Future Brand [Part 2]

Share Your Brand with Others [Part 3]

Step 11 – Write an Elevator Speech and always include the Top 3 things you want others to know about your Brand – How to Write an Elevator Speech Step 12 – Update your resume to emphasize your Brand traitsStep 13 – Update your online presence [i.e. Linked In, Twitter, etc.]Step 14 – Write an… Read More »Share Your Brand with Others [Part 3]

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