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What is Possible – Living Life as a WheelRider

Welcome to What is Possible – Living Life as a Female WheelRider! The goal of this blog is to provide a female voice to the experiences of living life as a wheelchair user. Focus will be how to have a full life with a disability solving obstacles across a spectrum of areas – how to achieve financial independence, using technology to even the playing field, having a career, being a parent, hiring caregivers, finding transportation, relationships, traveling, etc.

My personal story is that of an able-bodied female until I was 19 years old where a car accident left me with an incomplete Cervical 4/5 spinal cord injury (SCI) as a quadriplegic, who uses a wheelchair. This journey still continues over 30 years later. Life has had it’s successes and failures, joys and disappointments, frustrations and breakthroughs – just like everyone else. Since becoming disabled I have been fortunate to become a mother, raise a child, graduate with a BS and MBA degree, have a successful technology career, financially provide for myself, buy an accessible house, run a household with caregivers, travel across the US, support my aging mother, and live my life mostly on my terms.

My hope is by sharing what has been possible for me – others will dream, set goals, and then realize #WhatIsPossible is much more than you might believe – whether you are a person with a disability or not.

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